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My positions are showing a loss what do I do?!

There will be times the markets will pull back and your open positions will show a negative balance. There will also be times where Mythril will close your positions at a loss, which will happen at times to prevent further loss due to an unforeseen crash, stop hunts, liquidation hunts, negative news, or Elon Musk being a Twitter ass.

First thing – Breathe and relax

Crypto markets are inherently volatile and pullbacks/retracements will happen which is why we employ all stop loss, take profit and dollar cost average best practices to help mitigate that risk. DO NOT manually close your trades out in fear of losing more. Mythril will make the decision as to whether a position should be closed or remain open as it does not use emotions to make its decisions but rather mathematical formulas and conditional logic.

More times than not, if you close your trades at a loss the market usually reverses and you would not have lost profits or would have lost substantially less.

We implore you to not let your emotions dictate your decisions, if that’s something you can’t do then trading is NOT for you. We suggest buying gold/silver or opening a “high yield” savings account and make your million after 250 years.


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