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Quick Start Guide

*NOTE* To properly set up all aspects of your account it is required that you do so from a desktop computer using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser. Doing so from a mobile device may cause some settings to be inaccurate.

We offer a paid concierge service if you would like the setup to be done for you by one of our support specialists.

This quick start guide is for those who are already familiar with how to purchase/transfer cryptocurrency and set up exchange API’s

If you are NOT familiar or well versed we highly recommend following our step by step guides which will show you exactly how to set up all aspects of the exchanges, Wunderbit, and API’s


1. Purchase your base crypto currency

The Mythril algorithm uses both USDT (KuCoin) and USD (Kraken) for its base currency

We recommend purchasing your crypto through your preferred exchange or Coinbase but if you have a preferred platform that isnt listed go ahead and use that

The minimum amount of base currency needed for each exchange:

KuCoin: 1,500 – 2,000 USDT

Kraken: 2,000 – 2,500 USD

Mythril uses dollar cost averaging and will, at times, need additional liquidity/funds to purchase more crypto to average down the original purchase price and be in profits faster. You can add as much funds as you are comfortable with but the references above are the recommended minimums

2. Sign up to one (or both) of our supported exchanges

We currently support KuCoin (recommended) and Kraken exchanges. Others will be added in the future so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

To sign up for KuCoin, our preferred exchange, CLICK HERE

To sign up for Kraken, CLICK HERE

To read more about the exchanges, CLICK HERE

3. Sign up to Wunderbit and connect the exchange API

Wunderbit is our preferred partner and is the platform that executes the Mythril alerts on the exchanges

To sign up to Wunderbit, CLICK HERE

Subscription Information, CLICK HERE

How to connect the exchanges, CLICK HERE

How to copy trade Mythril AI, CLICK HERE
When searching for Mythril AI be sure to select the correct exchange (KuCoin or Kraken) and look for “Mythril AI” under the trader name. Then click “follow”

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