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The price is going up on many of the coins but Mythril isn’t entering trades! Why?

Mythril its a trend trading NOT a reversal algorithm.

When Mythril’s conditional logic agrees that a cryptocurrency is trending in a certain direction it will then trigger an entry or exit at the candle close. If Mythril were to open and close trades without waiting for the candle closes it would result in more false positives leading to increased losses over the long term.

Whats a candle close? Its when the time resets depending on a chart. For instance many of the charts are daily, or 24 hour, candles. That means each candle on the chart represents one full day of price action. The reason Mythril will open or close a trade at a candle close is to help filter out volatility and unnecessary noise to help the algorithm determine the trend.

Mythril trades on the daily (24hr), 12hr and 8hr charts. All charts are different and are positioned accordingly to maximize win rates and net profits


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