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What Do I Need For The Concierge Service?

For our support analysts to successfully set up and connect your exchange and Wunderbit accounts it will be necessary for you to install some Google software on your PC/Mac before your scheduled session.

Applications needed:
Google Chrome
Google Meet
Google Remote Support



Install Chrome on Windows

1. Download the installation file.

2. If prompted, click Run or Save.

3. If you chose Save, double-click the download to start installing.

4. Start Chrome:
Windows 7: A Chrome window opens once everything is done.
Windows 8 & 8.1: A welcome dialog appears. Click Next to select your default browser.
Windows 10: A Chrome window opens after everything is done. You can make Chrome your default browser.

If you’ve used a different browser, like Internet Explorer or Safari, you can import your settings into Chrome.

Can’t install Chrome because of S mode

If you can’t install Chrome on your Windows computer, your computer might be in S mode. If you want to download and install Chrome, learn more about how to exit S mode. You can also learn how to fix problems installing Chrome.

Install Chrome on Mac

1. Download the installation file.
2. Open the file called “googlechrome.dmg.”
3. In the window that opens, find Chrome.
4. Drag Chrome to the Applications folder.
– You might be asked to enter the admin password.
– If you don’t know the admin password, drag Chrome to a place on your computer where you can make edits, like your desktop.
5. Open Chrome.
6. Open Finder.
7. In the sidebar, to the right of Google Chrome, click Eject.



Join Google Meet Chat

1. Click “Join Meeting Online” which can be found in your calendar invite email.
2. A browser window should open and you may be prompted to log into your Google account. If prompted, follow the onscreen instructions. You do not have a Google account create one to enable access.
3. You will then be connected via chat to your support analyst.



Set up Google Remote Desktop and share your computer desktop with your support analyst

*NOTE* This portion should be started right before your scheduled session.

1. On your computer, open Chrome.
2. In the address bar at the top, enter, and press Enter.
3. Under “Get Support, “ click Download (blue circle icon with the arrow pointing down).
4. Follow the on-screen directions to download and install Chrome Remote Desktop.
5. Under “Get Support,” select Generate Code.
6. Copy the code and send it to the analyst in the Google Meet chat to access your computer.
7. When the analyst enters your access code on the site, you will see a dialog with their e-mail address. Select Share to allow them full access to your computer.
8. To end a sharing session, click Stop Sharing.

The access code will only work one time. If you are sharing your computer, you will be asked to confirm that you want to continue to share your computer every 30 minutes.

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